F5M - Millionaires Club Program Information


How A $5 One Time Entry Fee
Can Earn Over $1,000,000 In Profits
Through A Proven, Most Reliable, 16 Year Old Wealth 
That Has Been Paying Out Daily For Members From Over 150 Countries!


F5M-Millionaires-Club is a great feeder program with a one time fee of $5, that can lead to a very substantial income. In this program you progress through a series of levels until you are participating in 4 great wealth producing programs...all for only $5, one time investment.

Here's how it works:

You join F5M-Millionaires Club at the Bronze Level and when you introduce 6 other Bronze members into F5M-MC, you will be automatically entered into Gold Booster Pay Plan with Co-op Advertising without any cost to you. As soon as you enter Gold Booster Pay Plan, you will have the first two levels automatically filled providing you some instant cash.

The Gold Booster Plan also has a rather difficult to explain matrix plan based on 7 different matrixes, each a 2x11 matrix. The net result is an income of a little over $9,000. It's free with your membership and is how income is produced to get you a free membership in Fortune 5 Minutes. The first $ 30 is paid directly to you, the next $25 is your paid entry into Fortune 5 Minutes.


Understanding How The Fortune5Minutes Works!

1. F5M-MC enters you into a simple F5M 3X2 Matrix.


When you have your 1st and 2nd level filled (total of 12 members),
you will cycle F5M and you will get PAID $100 CASH! 

 Plus you get the following:

2. PAID $25 re-entry into F5M so you can earn $100 again and again ...!
 Every time you cycle, you will be notified by email and will get a new F5M id# so you can start this process all over.
F5M-MC will automatically use your new F5M id# to place others under you into that position.

3. PAID $20 entry into a 3x3 pool, when cycled, pays $300 entry into GLAD Club!
GLAD = Global Liquid Asset Development!
It is a Private Commodity Trading Club where you can learn to trade and earn while you learn!
(Trading on your behalf is totally optional - most are here to get paid from the matrix)
Once you cycle the 3x3 matrix pool, you receive a PAID $300 entry into the GLAD 3X2 matrix pay plan!

When GLAD 3x2 Compensation Matrix fills, You are PAID $500!
Plus $100 re-entry into GLAD 3x2 Compensation Matrix to earn $500 again and again ...!
Plus get paid 100% MATCHING BONUSES of $500 for all your personal referrals who cycle here every time for life!

  4. PAID $20 entry in The $20 Miracle
The $20 Miracle is another 3X2 feeder system and works exactly the same as F5M!



Once you cycle this simple 3x2 matrix in 'The $20 Miracle' you get Paid $100 Cash!
(if you are not in the club's main wealth system WTIA yet, this 1st payment will be used to pay your entry there)

$20 re-entry back into 'The $20 Miracle' so you can earn this $100 over and over ...!


 Like any programs of this nature, the bigger money comes after a period of time, so don't expect tomorrow to wake up wealthy.


A substantial ongoing income will be generated for you as together, through the Micro Business Team Build Strategy, we build your F5M teams.