ICCycler Program Information

There is a certain magic in this program and how well it fits with our entire marketing strategy.

ICCycler consists of 10 Matrixes, each of a 2 x 2 formation which can push you to an income, once you have cycled all 10 to an income of  close to $9,000.

Upon the completion of each of the small matrixes, you are paid an escalating commission, referral bonuses of 33% when your personally sponsored member cycles for the first 9 matrixes, a free re entry into the same matrix and a free position in the next matrix.

In effect you can cycle over and over and make a good continuous income from this program.

As each matrix only requires 6 members to fill, and we are building your F5M business in multiples of six, this program is a great fit for your FT2WT business.

The income potential is staggering as not only do you get a re-entry into the matrixes upon completion, with 6 being the key number in F5M, you will also have multiple positions in each matrix as you acquire your initial 6 frontline F5M members and they start to sponsor their own downline.

This in effect pushes you up through each different matrix.


The following information is supplied from the ICCycler website.

Matrix Number

Matrix Name Cycle Earnings $ Referral Cycle Earnings $
1 Uno 3.75 1.25
2 Dos 7.50 2.50
3 Tres 15.00 5.00
4 Cuatro 30.00 10.00
5 Cinco 60.00 20.00
6 Seis 120.00 40.00
7 Siete 240.00 80.00
8 Ocho 480.00 160.00
9 Neuve 960.00 320.00
10 Diez 7,040.00 640.00


Cycle Earnings column is what you get paid for completing that particular matrix.

Referral Cycle Earnings column is what you receive when a personally sponsored member of your team completes that matrix.

Often it is hard to build this type of business by yourself, that is unless you are great at recruiting.

However, by using our Forced Income structure coupled with our Micro Business Team Building Strategy, your success in this program is pretty much assured.


A substantial ongoing income will be generated for you as together, through the Micro Business Team Build Strategy, we build your F5M teams.